Chrismas Carvings

No, I didn't forget the "t".  These are Chrismas Carvings - Todd Chrismas that is! Todd and I met this summer at an Overdose Awareness Event and he re-sparked in me the need to reach out to people with lived experience.  People who live "it" day-to-day are the ones we're trying to support anyways.  Shouldn't we … Continue reading Chrismas Carvings


A night of conversation

A night of conversation for parents of all elementary & high school-aged kids will be held at RSS on Thursday, November 29th from 6:30pm-8pm.  Local practitioners from doctors to lawyers, nurses to counselors, and community support workers will be on hand to answer your questions and share a few key take-away's on topics ranging from "What's … Continue reading A night of conversation

Drugs are bad, m’kay?  But, wait… didn’t Cannabis just become legal??

This isn't a "Just Say No" campaign or scare tactics to "scare you straight".  This also isn't me telling you what you should or shouldn't do in your spare time.  This is an opportunity to provide resources, become a little more knowledgeable, and continue the conversation.  Hopefully this achieves just a little of that... I … Continue reading Drugs are bad, m’kay?  But, wait… didn’t Cannabis just become legal??

Suicide Awareness

Suicide is not the enemy; silence is. World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th) brought people together all of the world and Revelstoke participated in that energy of love, support, and hope.  But it doesn't stop here.  Ending death by suicide means ending the silence. When children and youth have questions or concerns about their own … Continue reading Suicide Awareness


​I heard the survey was closed?​ ​You're right, we were going to close the survey as June 30th, but a few people still have survey's in progress and a few more forgot to hit the "next" button!!  Also, some people are just hearing about us!  They must have missed the 5 radio interviews on StokeFM morning … Continue reading FAQs