Revy Let’s Talk: Am I the only one who feels like this?

I started writing a monthly article in the Revelstoke Review and just completed my 3rd article.  This has been a great opportunity to reflect and focus on the work of the Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative; to promote understanding, compassion, patience and hope among Revelstokians; and to connect people in our community to the supports they need.

When writing the articles, I wanted people in Revelstoke to know #You’reNotAlone… but I’m now realizing that this exercise in creating connections for others has begun to create new connections for me and helped me to know that I’m #NotAlone.

I feel it when I meet people like Jack from Revelstoke Secondary School as he shares his message to the students at RSS, I feel it when I read Jocelyn’s Jottings and her desire for people to speak openly about “the S-word”, and I feel it now when running Suicide Awareness training for the 3rd time in Revelstoke and the emails and phone calls are pouring in asking to register.

Thank you Revelstoke for being a space where I don’t have to feel alone, silenced, or pushed into the dark… because nobody puts Baby in a corner.

dirty dancing

Find out more about SafeTALK training and register here.


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